Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt #3 Write an alternate ending

Write an alternate ending to your favorite book or movie. Okay, so right now I have to be very careful to not make it sound like a Fanfiction… That is going to very hard. Obviously my favorite books are Harry Potter and the epilogue isn’t that satisfying. Or I could write from just a new… Continue reading Writing Prompt #3 Write an alternate ending

Wrap Up and TBR

Weekly Warp Up #2 | Reading Slump

Hello Readers So here is another weekly wrap up, but this time for 2 weeks. Why, you ask? Well, because I have been in a reading slump and I haven’t read any books in the past two weeks… So that is lovely. Here are a sum-up for the other categories which aren’t books. Reading Blog… Continue reading Weekly Warp Up #2 | Reading Slump