Hello Readers!

It is officially Summer in the Netherlands (the official date was June 21th). And my Summer break start next week. So I will post my Summer TBR today and my Series Summer TBR.

Jacqueline from Jbooklover has done Series Summer last Summer and she is doing it again this Summer, and I will be participating in it as well. Since I have so many series I own but haven’t started or finished, this is the perfect opportunity to read some series. I will be trying to finish this TBR from July 1st till August 27th.

Read popular series that you have never read before


Read unpopular or underrated series


Read a series that you have had on your TBR shelf (physical, electronic, AND/OR Goodreads “to be read” shelf) for over a year


Read a series in which the final book just came out or will be coming out Summer 2017


Reread a series
I am not really planning on rereading a whole series, since I have so many more I want to read which I haven’t read before. And the only possibility would be Harry Potter. So I have come up with the idea to reread Harry Potter but then in the Illustrated editions which I own. And I am still doubting if I will buy the second one before the summer.


Read a duology


Read a series that you started but never completed


Are you participating in Series Summer? Which series are you planning to read this summer?



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