Why couldn’t it be Bookmas everyday.
Riding around with Santa on his Sleigh
Don’t you know if you’ll be good just like you should
You’ll here those jingle bell rings
Why couldn’t it be Bookmas every night
So that it will meet those twinkling lights
When you say every days a holiday
You’ll here those calendars sing
Why couldn’t it be Bookmas Bookmas Bookmas everyday

Why Couldn’t It Be Christmas – Bianca Ryan (Bookmas Remix)
Hello Readers!
Today is the last day of Bookmas 😦 I really enjoyed doing Bookmas and I will be doing it next year as well if I got the time. And I finally have Christmas Break, I have been looking out to this so much the last two weeks. Though, I do need to distress a few days before I can enjoy my break fully.
So here is my list of the books I read this year that I enjoyed the most. These are in no particularly order, except number one. There is an obvious number one on this list. So here we go.

And my number one is…


Tomorrow I will be here with my Bookmas wrap up and I will also be doing a tag.

So have a merry Christmas Eve, and I will see you tomorrow!

– Debbie –


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