Bloganniversary Month! + Giveaway!!

Hello Readers! So I have some very exciting news! This month, to be exact on August 26th, my blog will be 2 years old! So basically my blog will be a toddler, she can already walk on her own and say around 2 word sentences XD To be honest when I first started my blog,… Continue reading Bloganniversary Month! + Giveaway!!

The Story Of My Life

The Story Of My Life #11 | SORRY!!

Hello Readers! Let me first start off with sorry. Sorry for being absent for a month, I wasn’t feeling like blogging or reading for that matter. So let me get you a little context on what was going on in July. So July was a pretty exciting month for me, because it was my first… Continue reading The Story Of My Life #11 | SORRY!!